Guns For Hands (Twenty One Pilots)


I’ve been staring at this forever… I need to take a step back from it. I haven’t made art in a while (or at least any COMPLETED art). I made this as sort of a cover, I guess.. of Twenty One Pilot’s song “Guns for hands”. I absolutely love that song. I’ve been wanting to draw this for a while now but just got to it. It didn’t turn out at all how I was picturing it in my head… But oh well. I can’t draw what I was picturing in my head. I can’t tell if I like it or not, I can’t tell if it’s any good at ALL, quite frankly. I jut don’t want to look at it anymore oh gosh. Leave opinions if you’d like, it’d help a lot. I got a website up, feel free to check it out.


I made a website for my art!! I like it!! Check it ->

scan 29

Not really liking these but, the left one, the lighting looked interesting to me in person. But didn’t show through the picture. As for the right photo, I was in this antique shop and saw that type writer. I wanted to buy it!! But it looked really cool so I took a photo of it. My dad was laughing at me “look at her taking a picture of a type-writer with her instant camera… Its funny how kids these days are interested in that kind of stuff.”

Leaving Your World Behind

Hey guys, look!! Its me! and my friend! My friend made this edit and you should check out his other artwork. He’s an amazing artist.


Leaving Your World Behind

If there is anything that correlates with success it’s RISK. In the world this is seen and known as creativity, the ability to think outside the box. We are more and more afraid of what go wrong to the point we don’t notice all that could go well. So a challenge for you and me… Go out and try something you think you will NOT be good at. This might come as a surprise but there is a good chance you are wrong.

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Sea of Green

Went on a “photoshoot” yesterday. It made me late for class. But, it was worth it.

Henna tattoos. Fancy.
Henna tattoos. Fancy.

scan 32

Me! First time someone took a photo of me with my own instant cam.
Me! First time someone took a photo of me with my own instant cam. The words on the bench say “Open your mouth only if what you have to say is more beautiful than silence.”
This guy in the photo is my friend Check out his blog if you get the chance!!
This guy in the photo is my friend Check out his blog if you get the chance!!

Books and Books of Odds and Ends

I’ve become aware that I have a weird need to record and organize everything I think about, and everything that I encounter in life ok. Weird things too.

I just had the idea to write a book called “A Book of Encounters”. Where I record the names of people I’ve met, how I met them, and my thoughts and first impressions about them, and where our friendship is now. Is that weird or what? Like, I just want to have a big book of encounters that I’ve recorded. That’s weird.

Also, I just want to have a book I carry around with me so I can record all my thoughts throughout the day. Like, EVERY thought.

And I want to have a book about stranger’s faces. Because I’ve become aware that when I’m walking around or sitting somewhere, or maybe even talking to someone I’ve just met, I’ll pay strange attention to their individual features, and then look at their face as a whole, and then look at their individual features again. And I want to draw them and put them in a book. I’m a weird person.

I also want to keep a record of more personal things, I won’t mention here because it’s just part of my life and it’d be weird to share. But its about keeping people in memory and just- I don’t know.

I have a fascination with wanting to have books and books of just thoughts and observations throughout my life. Of people, of emotions, of body language, of encounters, of art. Of everything and anything. It just seems so interesting to me that I can record all this now and look back on it. I want to remember the people in my life, I want to remember feelings and emotions and faces.

I don’t know if this is just a weird thing or what the heck it is. But it makes me stressed out sometimes because there’s so many thoughts and things I want to record but I don’t know where to start or if I could actually do it. But it gives me anxiety because everything is so disorganized. I need everything in books. MUST. BE. ORGANIZED. MUST. RECORD.

Gosh I’m odd xx

Petition to Stop Animal Abuse & Neglect in Surabaya Zoo


Please follow the link to read about this, and sign the petition to stop this animal abuse and neglect. It only takes a few seconds. It’s sick. And should not be allowed to happen. Please share on any social media sites to help with this. Thank you xx


Sewn Into My Skin

scan 25

So, the two photos of the blurry hand with a ring on it, I took a while ago. I was going to put them in the “duds” section… because, well. Look at them.  I didn’t have my close-up lens, and they came out really blurry and not how I wanted. But, two days ago, I took the middle picture and I sewed strings into it after it came out. I didn’t quite like it, but then I scanned all three of these pictures together, and I’m kind of liking them as a set. What do you think?

I didn’t notice this before with the middle picture, but there are splotches of red discoloration around where the strings are sewn, around the finger and the toes. I guess this is because I started sewing right after the picture developed, which caused the ink, or whatever it’s called, to spread like that. I like the effect of it actually, it kind of goes well with the image. Kind of looks like blood or bruising.