Vacation Time

Vacation Time

(Old photo)

I love taking instant photos.

I was thinking, should I save up to buy an instax wide 210 camera? Or an instax mini 90 camera?


15 thoughts on “Vacation Time

    1. Thank you, that sounds like a good idea actually, I looked it up and the camera is really cheap! What do the pictures look like? Is it wider than the instax mini photo? And is it simple to shoot with? (sorry for so many questions)

      1. You’re welcome,
        you can also shoot B&W film with it, but fujifilm discontinued that one. But at the moment still available on the internet ;), so buy a little stock if you find them :). the B&W film is an FP3000B

        greets and have fun shooting :)

      2. I bought it and it has already been shipped :) I hope its a working model, the owner didn’t specify.I have to buy the film and batteries now, but I cant wait for it to arrive! Should be coming in on tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. Thanks for your help.

      3. batteries are normal AA cels, so those are easy to find, film you find on ebay ( make sure you buy the FP100C, not the FP100c45 (it’s to big) or @ your local film/photography warehouse. If I were you I would try the camera with a colour film pack because they’re cheaper than the B&W ones.

        first thing to do when your camera arrives is to check the battery compartment for corrosion, if thats ok, put in some batteries and keep the back open, shoot agains light to see whether the shutter opens correctly. then do the same in subdued light, shutter should open, but keep a longer exposure time. if this is ok, it’s save to load the first filmpack and to enjoy the retro feeling of it :), don’t forget to put the slider on the front of the camera on the right setting for your film, 75 is for color, 3000 is for B&W. Also check if the darken/lighten wheel is around the middle position. if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


      4. You are such a big help, thank you! When looking at the photos provided from the owner, it did look like the battery compartment was either dirty, or corroded. Does this mean it won’t work? :(

      5. Listing has ended so I can’t see the photos anymore, if not to corroded a bit of sanding paper helps, just make sure the contacts are clean enough to make contact with the batteries.

      6. Looks like with a bit of cleaning and some fine sanding paper (and maybe some contact cleaner spray) it’ll be ok, I’ve seen worse :).

    1. I JUST picked it up in the mail ten minutes ago! Its looking to be in pretty great condition! Im about to start cleaning out the battery compartment, it doesnt even look corroded, just a bit dirty. I havent gotten any film yet, but Im about to order some! Cant wait to start testing it out!!

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