Polaroid Colorpack II (New instant camera!)

I just got my Polaroid Colorpack II in the mail!! I’m so excited to start using it. It only cost $11. (The cheapest one I could find after lots of looking). The film is more expensive, ranging from the cheapest I could find (9$ from amazon.com), to more expensive film from ebay.com and other places (from 13$- 25$). Of course, I always try to buy in bulk to reduce costs. This is just for the color film, the black and white is more expensive.

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These cameras are from around the 60’s! So it’s not a simple as the modern instax cameras, but it’s still pretty easy. I just cleaned out the battery compartment, put some batteries in, and tested the shutter! It’s working great. I was worried! I’m glad it’s still functioning. What you do to set it up for a shot, is adjust the switch at the top of the lens to either 3000, or to 75. 3000 for black and white film, 75 for color film. Then, adjust the lens to the proper focusing length, which ranges from 3.5 feet, to 50+ feet. There is also a knob where you can adjust the lightness/darkness of the photo.

This camera does not come with flash. (Which is a good thing I guess, considering on most of the instax fujifilm cameras, you have no choice but to always have flash on). BUT, there are these things called flash cubes that you can buy and they come with three flashes a cube. So when you need a flash, put one on there, and open the flash shield (Is that what its called, I’m new to this).  And when you don’t need it, simply take it off and wait for the next time you’ll be needing a flash.

Next thing you do, is turn the shutter button out of its locked position, and press it all the way down.

Then, there will be a white tab, coming from the film slot, you pull the white tab, and then a yellow tab will pop out. Then, you pull out the yellow tab with an even force. If it’s cold outside, you will have to hold the film under your arm while its developing. If not, then set it down (or hold it, it doesn’t matter) and count for the specific amount of time that it instructs you to do on the film box. Then, peel the two pieces apart from each other, One will be your picture, the other will be a color negative of the picture. You can discard it, or you can keep it and do something creative with it!


Now, I’ve watched a few videos and read a few articles about the colorpack II, and there has been a lot of variety in the time that the person waits for the film to develop. A video on youtube, the guy only waited 20 seconds. Everyone in the comments section was complaining “You’re supposed to wait at least a minute! It’s such an injustice to the photo that you only let it develop for 20 seconds!”

But, in an article, the person said to wait 30 seconds. So, I don’t know exactly how long you’re supposed to wait. I’ll find out when I buy the film!

On the side of this camera, under the flash shield thing, there’s a circle thing with machinery type stuff that says “wind”. If anyone has this camera, and knows what that is all about, please fell free to tell me haha. Hopefully there wasn’t supposed to be a knob or something that came with it, because I don’t have it!

Happy snapping!! xx


7 thoughts on “Polaroid Colorpack II (New instant camera!)

  1. Hi. I still have my Polaroid colorpack 80 which I originally bought in the 70’s. What brand of film are you using? Is it original expired film or new stock? I might try to buy some and see if the camera still works. I’d let it develop for 60 seconds, longer if you’re in a cold climate.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi! Thats awesome that you still have it. I havent ordered film yet, I cant buy it in stores where I’m at, It can take either the fp100c or the fp3000b. I will be buying the new stock(since they still make it), but I also wanna test out expired film. I will be letting it develop for 60, and I think I’m gonna also play around with the times, and see the results. Thank you!! xx :)

  2. I completely overlooked this one. Looks great your new camera. when you use the new film (FP100C) the yellow tab will be black by the way ;). For your question about the winding, That’s to “load” the flash. When you just plug the flash in, it won’t fire. You have to wind it in the direction of the arrow, then the flash is “loaded” and it’ll fire on your next shot.

    For the development, every film comes with a (little) manual, development times vary a lot with temperature (especially the colour film). For your first shot,I would recommend to follow the instructed times ;)…

    And about the prices, if you buy a new “polaroid” (wannabe) camera, it’s much more expensive, if you take the price of the camera in account :). Film for the old ones isn’t cheap, but you’ll have to shoot a lot of pictures to gain back the price of the “modern” camera :).

    enjoy it ;)


    1. Thanks for all the tips!! Haha, yeah all the videos I watched must have been from a while ago, cuz they all said yellow tab, including on the instructions for the camera. oopsies xx. Youve been such a help, thank you. I haven’t ordered film yet because I don’t have any money. It sucks. I want to take pictures!! I have 50 new films for my instax camera, but I have no subjects to take pictures of. The last time I asked two of my friends, it was kind of awkward, I asked them to dress nice and theyre like ok now what. And im just like, I dont know. Do something. Hahah. I want to set shots up, not just necessarily go around aimlessly trying to take a photo of something, although you can get good results from doing that, but not when youre trying to have a person in the shot lol.

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