Pastel Sky

scan 28

The beach during the day and the beach during sunset. I caught it right before the last little part of the sun slipped behind the ocean.  I love the soft colors of the sky in the right photo.


5 thoughts on “Pastel Sky

  1. Hey! Sweet Precious,
    Well no comment on the dating scene so I don’t know if that is because you have interest and enjoying the world or being patient knowing it will happen when it happens? I thought the boy you put your shoes on and left upset that said he didn’t want any relationship actually did! I told you so in so many words so maybe you have thought of him in a different light since… I know something wonderful is in your future and possibly the future is now…. claudy

    1. Well I did forgive the guy and were friends, but I don’t see a future with him so I’m not pursuing it. I’m with this other guy now, its interesting because were such close friends. Its unlike any guy I’ve dated before so I don’t know how its going to turn out. I’m just going with the flow at this point. Thanks for your kind words.

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