Art is Me


I am a college student.

I am majoring in art and specializing in illustration.

Art is me.

Without art I would be nothing.

I would shrivel up and die.

There is paint running through my veins.

People compare memories to file folders,

You flip through them to find what you’re looking for.

My brain isn’t full of file folders,

It’s full of sketchbooks,

Filled with my thoughts

Because I cannot only simply

Speak words to portray

What my mind sees

I need a pen and paper

And paint to show

It to you myself.

And even then,

It doesn’t justify

The images that

I can create in my mind

With the flicker of an eye.

Art is me.

It has been a part of me

Since before I can remember.

Take art away from me

And you will have nothing

But the shell of what

I used to be.


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