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It’s Been Awhile


Its been awhile guys. Here are some sketches from fall semester. I need to get back into it!!



SB 9

“I want to stand out among my friends, yet I want to blend in with the crowds.”

I feel like this expresses my personality. When you first meet me, I am shy. I’m not the one to initiate conversation if I haven’t seen you before. But if you talk to me and give me a chance, then you’ll be able to see who I really am. “I want to stand out among my friends” Once you get to know me, you can see my personality and I hope to stand out between all the other people you’ve ever met. But on the other hand, I don’t take well to crowds. I don’t want to stand out in a crowd of people that I don’t know. I will get out of there the first chance I get.
…Just a few of my own thoughts and feelings about friends and crowds.

The Future

SB 4

“Thinking about my future makes my head feel like it’s going to explode.”

It’s true.
There has been so many times when I’ve thought about my future
And I have no idea what it’s going to be
Or where I want to go.
And I end up hunched in a ball
With make-up running
Down my face.

There’s so many options.

I love writing, I love painting, I love illustrating, I love animating, I love designing, I love travelling, I love and have a passion for so many things.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I’ve been in the same position many times when someone finds out I’m an art major: “Pfft…art major? What on earth are you Going to do with an art degree?”

I couldn’t tell you.

Because I don’t know yet.

Some of my friends have even made fun of me for it. They would call me “The starving artist” because they don’t believe I could possibly earn a living making art.

I know that I will.

I don’t know how, but eventually I will. Because I’m in love with art. My very being is made up of art.¬†And when you’re that passionate about something, when you’re so in love with something, the product will be outstanding and is bound to be successful.

Yes, you could choose something that is more likely to get you more money. But are you in love with it? Do you really want to be doing That the rest of your life? Because when you’re not passionate about something, you’re not determined to make it the best it can be. And when you’re not determined to make it the best it can be, The end result shows that lack of passion. And when there’s a lack of passion, there’s a lack of success.

So tell me now, whose going to be more Successful?

Someone who hates their job with a passion and is going to be Stuck all their life?

Or someones whose passion for their job could set the earth on fire?

I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I have faith in God and the talent that He gave me that I will end up somewhere good.