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Sewn Into My Skin

scan 25

So, the two photos of the blurry hand with a ring on it, I took a while ago. I was going to put them in the “duds” section… because, well. Look at them.  I didn’t have my close-up lens, and they came out really blurry and not how I wanted. But, two days ago, I took the middle picture and I sewed strings into it after it came out. I didn’t quite like it, but then I scanned all three of these pictures together, and I’m kind of liking them as a set. What do you think?

I didn’t notice this before with the middle picture, but there are splotches of red discoloration around where the strings are sewn, around the finger and the toes. I guess this is because I started sewing right after the picture developed, which caused the ink, or whatever it’s called, to spread like that. I like the effect of it actually, it kind of goes well with the image. Kind of looks like blood or bruising.