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Late Night Sketching



I really love drawing faces, especially when they’re weird expressions. This is my nose and mouth, since I didn’t have another subject to take a photo of…

I got tired of homework. It was late. So I ditched the homework for drawing. Seems right.


Figure Drawing

Wow.. I didn’t realize how rusty I was at figure drawing. I hadn’t done figure drawings for a couple months since I completed my figure drawing class. I’ve lost the ability to see what I’m looking at. “Don’t try to make things pretty.” My professor would always tell us this. “Don’t make the drawings pretty, make the drawings accurate.” And I will always keep that in my mind. Because marvelous figure drawings are born because of those words.

She always told us that we should be looking at the model more than our paper. We know what an arm looks like, or a foot, but when you’re drawing a live model, don’t imagine what a foot looks like from what you already know, look at the model’s foot and draw what’s there. Don’t imagine it. That’s the difference between a pretty drawing, and a marvelous drawing.

I’ll probably be able to post some of my figure drawings from that class in about a week, since I don’t have access to them right now. That figure drawing class was tough, and we got yelled at a bit. And pushed to our limits. There were a few points in that class where I was on the verge of tears… but,man, I really did love that class.